Guido Núñez-Mujica

Scientist, Activist, Entrepreneur




The Short Story

I am a computational biologist, skeptic and entrepreneur, from Mérida, Venezuela, living in Santiago, Chile, where I moved to set my company, LavaAmp. We intend to manufacture a portable PCR device for detecting infectious diseases in situ. I write about science, technology and politics. I care deeply about social and political issues,


The long Story

I was born in 1983, in Caracas, Venezuela. Always looking for a better life, my family moved to Acarigua and Barquisimeto before I was five years old, finally settling in Valera, a small city in the Andes, where I spent the rest of my childhood and adolescence. Just before turning 17, I went to university in Mérida, a college town in the mountains, where my mind bloomed, as I was exposed to many new ideas, books, and people, where my current self was forged. That's the reason why I am from Mérida, even if I was raised in Caracas and grew up in Valera.